Remix party, you’re invited!


Remix is a great framework to build robust, progressively enhanced and interactive web apps!

During Covid we all missed the parties... therefore I will create my own party on stage. I will take you on a fun journey on how I created a multi-user and real-time progressive web app. But be aware, there is a guest list and not every solution is invited to join the party!

I will show you how the Remix friend group will keep your party rocking:

  • where the state of your data is on the server where it belongs. (load some data and take action to get the party started).
  • where this multi-user web app is not dependent on complex client-side javascript (so even your drunk friend will understand it)
  • where the client-side is less error-prone (no party fouls wanted)
  • where the components are just plain stupid (no good story starts with a glass of milk)
  • where your application becomes simple and easy to understand (you know, for that friend)

I will tell you about the challenges I encountered building this web app and how it was solved charmingly by using Remix. I will show you how Remix can be used for web apps with a lot of interactivity not just for plain websites with an occasional form.

Getting FOMO? Make sure to sign up for the party and don’t miss out!

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